Intensive Specialised Facial Treatments

Intensive Specialised Facial Treatments


This fast-acting treatment technique employs low frequency ultrasonic vibrations to significantly improve the rate of absorption (an increase of up to 1000 times greater than if applied manually) of antioxidant-powerhouses Vitamins A & C, as well as the subsequent application of a 30% lactic peel. The result is a visible improvement in the evenness and hydration of skin. UltraSonophoresis can be used in conjunction with many other treatments to improve their efficacy.
UltraSonophoresis increases collagen production by infusing Vitamin C, decreases pigmentation, healing, anti-ageing and plumping fine lines.

1½ hrs $180


Suitable for all skin types, this medical-grade treatment gently exfoliates dead skin cells, revealing smoother, more even-toned, younger looking skin beneath, all with zero discomfort. By helping along the rapid exfoliation of the accumulated surface skin cells and by stimulating the production of collagen, cells are renewed and appear firmer, plumped and even more clear and radiant. Microdermabrasion also improves the appearance of pigmentation, enlarged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, oily skin and even softens acne scarring.
This treatment is designed for removing the damaged upper layers of the skin in order to reveal a smoother, younger looking and more radiant skin.
TGA Approved.

1 hr $130


All peels are followed by using UltraSonophoresis.